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Greg Lane

Greg Lane

LEI Faculty Member and Lean Coach, Low Volume Lean Center

Greg Lane has successfully transformed his own company along with supporting more than 100 transformations in 32 countries within diverse industries. He is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute USA and senior advisor to Institute of Lean Management in Spain.  Greg learned and implemented lean principles while working at Toyota where he became 1 of 12 North Americans certified as a “Toyota Key Person.”  

He is the author of Culturally on Plan, Made-to-Order Lean: Excelling in a High-Mix, Low-Volume Environment and Mr. Lean Buys & Transforms a Manufacturing Company

Greg Lane and his associates at Low Volume Lean, specialize in Lean Leadership Development for high variation organizations. 

Articles by Greg Lane
A Tool That Every High-Mix, Low-Volume Leader Needs to See
"High mix, low volume operations are a difficult concept to grasp," writes Greg Lane. But it doesn't have to be - with a few simple tools and concepts, you can handle the constant changes typical of a HMLV environment. Today, Lane shares one of his favorites. More »
Why Lean Fails in Job Shops... and What to Do to Succeed
Like many job shop owners, LEI faculty member Greg Lane struggled with implementing lean principles early on. The experiences and books he had been exposed to were based on repetitive manufacturing. Job shops with their high-mix, low-volume product lineup present a challenge to lean thinkers -- but not an insurmountable one. Read why. More »
Leadership Without Giving Solutions (from a Fire Fighter's Perspective)
LEI faculty member Greg Lane shares a lean coaching story from his own life, in which he finds himself advising a friend on how best to position himself for a promotion to fire chief. The result is a powerful little story of lean management and the thoughtfulness and discipline it really takes to lead. More »
Long Live Process Improvement?
For many beginner practitioners, Lean seems like just another "flavor of the month" program. If it isn't communicated and taught well, Lean can be exactly this. In his first article for The Lean Post, LEI faculty member Greg Lane offers specific recommendations on how to avoid this pitfall and make Lean accessible and useful to all. More »
Workshops Taught by Greg Lane
Aligning the Right Behaviors with Your Business Objectives This hands-on workshop gives you a simple, practical method to scrutinize your business objectives against the traits and behaviors needed to achieve your objectives. To reinforce the training, you’ll work through case studies based on actual research and experiments within companies. We will look at improving the interrelationships (indicated by the circles in the graphic below) between business behaviors and three key elements of lean leadership. More »
Improving Operations in High Mix/Low Volume Organizations An overall implementation method specific for low-volume and make-to-order businesses, along with specialized applications of lean tools. Not only will the focus be on the shop floor, but improvement methods for the office and administrative functions as well. More »
Managing High Mix/Low Volume Organizations Management approaches and techniques introduced in this workshop will help you reduce the time you currently spend fire-fighting and focus on indirect/administrative process improvements to achieve lead-time reductions, increase process capacities and enhance customer satisfaction. Upon completion you will be energized with ideas on how to apply lean management tools which have been modified for high mix environments More »