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Judy Worth

Judy Worth

Writer, LEI Faculty Member, Lean Transformations Group
Judy Worth got her first introduction to lean from one of her business partners, who left their company in Lexington, KY, to work at the start up of Toyota’s first North American plant in Georgetown, KY. She got additional exposure to the value-stream mapping tool when she served as instructional designer for LEI’s Mapping to See Kit for lean in office and services. For the past nine years, Judy’s focus has been on implementing lean in healthcare. She has extensive experience facilitating value-stream mapping workshops in healthcare organizations, including hospitals and primary care and has also provided training and coaching services for healthcare in-house lean facilitators. Judy is the co-author of the LEI publication, Perfecting Patient Journeys, a step-by-step guide for moving from value-stream mapping to sustainable continuous improvement. She is also co-author of a white paper on lean competencies, “Building Capability for Success with Lean: The Critical Competencies.” She currently aids companies implementing lean through the Lean Transformations Group.
Articles by Judy Worth
It's Not All About the Data on Value-Stream Maps: An Interview with Judy Worth
Data is a critical component of value-stream mapping. But it's not the only component you should be concerned about. All too often we find mappers getting caught up in their efforts to gather data, which can lead to overload and inaccurate mapping. LEI faculty member Judy Worth has seen this many times - here are her perspectives on the root causes and possible countermeasures. More »
10 Tips for Getting the Most Value from Value Stream Mapping
Most people see only a small amount of what is to be gained from value stream mapping. "Such an exercise can be a powerful organizational development tool," says Judy Worth, "as well as one for improving value stream performance on quality, efficiency, and safety.  " Before you embark, keep these 10 key things in mind. More »
Value Stream Maps and Battle Plans - Are They Worth Nothing?
“I’m reluctant to say maps are nothing, but there’s a difference between maps and mapping," Judy Worth says, paraphrasing Eisenhower’s insight that battle plans meant nothing, but PLANNING for battle was indispensable. “An awful lot of lot of the benefit that comes out of value-stream maps comes from the process of mapping with other people.  " More »
When is technology in healthcare actually valuable?
Technology should support the worker (and the patient), not vice versa. Co-author of the book Perfecting Patient Journeys, Judy Worth, gives us the current state of healthcare technology and reminds us what we should be thinking about if we want to use technology well. More »
If It’s Good Enough for Cars... How Lean Manufacturing Principles Can Help Heal What Ails Us in the Healthcare Business
Healthcare providers could dramatically reduce harm to patients and control skyrocketing costs by adopting two lean management concepts:1. Understand what adds value to the customer.  2. Take a product line approach to managing and delivering patient careIn a “Change This Manifesto,” Judy Worth and Tom Shuker, two of the co-authors of Perfecting Patient Journeys explain how these concepts would work in healthcare. More »
Follow-up Q & A to the Webinar “Getting to Everyday Improvement: How to Connect the Science and Culture of Problem Solving”
 The Lean Enterprise Institute's webinar on Getting to Everyday Improvement drew thousands of Lean Thinkers from around the world and hundreds of questions that we didn’t have time to answer during the webcast. Those questions are addressed in this followup Q&A with presenters Judy Worth and Beau Keyte, two of the authors of Perfecting Patient Journeys, a handbook for lean healthcare. More »
Books by Judy Worth
Perfecting Patient Journeys Perfecting Patient Journeys
Perfecting Patient Journeys is a guide to value-stream improvement for leaders of healthcare organizations who want to implement lean thinking and engage employees in solving problems in order to deliver better and more efficient care. Readers will learn how to identify and select a problem in the performance of a value stream, define a project scope, and create a shared understanding of what's occurring in the value stream. Readers will also learn to develop a shared vision of an improved future, and hopefully work together to make that vision a reality. More »
Workshops Taught by Judy Worth
Change Agent Skills for Lean Implementation Leaders Learn how to lead others to and through implementation of lean change activities by persuasion, influence, demonstration, negotiation, and teaching. More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Healthcare This interactive workshop demonstrates how to apply lean principles and value-stream mapping, a fundamental and critical tool, to make fundamental improvements in a healthcare organization's clinical/administrative processes. See how these principles apply to the processes such as emergency medical care, pharmacy, diagnostic procedures (lab and radiology), patient registration and discharge, records, and billing. More »
Value-Stream Mapping: a Methodology for Sustainable System Improvement This interactive workshop takes you through EVERY step of the value-stream improvement process: preparation before mapping, current-state mapping, problem solving to design the future state, managing implementation of a lean transformation to plan, and continuing to support the value stream after implementation. More »
Value-Stream Mapping: Gemba Based Workshop This workshop, now offered live for the first time, shows you how to create and apply this fundamental and critical tool, based on Lean Enterprise Institute's groundbreaking VSM workbook, Learning to See, which has introduced the mapping tool to thousands around the world. More »