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Lex Schroeder

Lex Schroeder

Independent Writer/Editor & Communications Strategist

Writer, developmental editor, and (feminist) business strategist with a deep background in systems thinking and gender justice. Strategic communications leader. I help leading thinkers write articles/books and make manuscript deadlines, and I help teams/organizations capture what they know in the form of thought leadership pieces, narrative pieces, case studies, creative campaigns, strategic plans, annual reports, and more. Trained in lean thinking and practice with knowledge of living systems. Experienced facilitator trained in the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, a way of practicing participatory leadership and working with collective intelligence. In 2017 and 2019, with my firm Feminists at Work, I co-produced the Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum in Toronto. From time to time, I speak on collective leadership and the future of work.

Articles by Lex Schroeder
What it Takes to Share One's Wisdom: A Q&A with Tracey Richardson
"When you make a decision to change the way you do business, it should hold you accountable for certain leadership actions – new [behaviors that empower people] to want make a difference in their daily work," says Tracey Richardson. "If people have an ability to impact key performance indicators.  .. they suddenly have a new line of sight.  " More »
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Our picks for the most practical, "how-to" style posts we've published on the Post to date. These posts are chock full of good learning and advice we hope you can use immediately. More »
Improving a Complex Process that Saves Lives: Lean Transformation at LifeShare Donor Services of Oklahoma
"This is a model, like a lot of good leadership models, where you teach people the thinking and then need to get the heck of the way and let them do their job," says Jeffrey Orlowski. "Lean is not a top down thing; Lean has to have top down buy-in, but it’s got to be owned by everybody.  " More »
Crossing Silos: Connecting Disconnected Communities at LeanUX NYC
LEI’s John Shook will give a talk, “Lean is About Building an Organization That Learns to Learn" at this year's LeanUX NYC conference, April 15-19. I sat down with conference creator Will Evans to learn more about the UX community and what business and organizational problems the conference aims to solve. More »
Highlights from the Lean Transformation Summit 2015, Day 2
On Wednesday and Thursday this week, we'll be live blogging the 2015 Lean Transformation Summit in New Orleans. Visit lean.  org for the complete agenda and check back here periodically for updates from Summit talks and learning sessions. More »
Highlights from the Lean Transformation Summit 2015
On Wednesday and Thursday this week, we'll be live blogging the 2015 Lean Transformation Summit in New Orleans. Visit lean.  org for the complete agenda and check back here periodically for updates from Summit talks and learning sessions. More »
Public Service: Lean's Next Frontier?
John O'Donnell and Lex Schroeder share the thinking behind LEI's new Public Service Value Network and invite you to contribute to a new and fast-growing community of practice. More »
Jim Morgan on What It Takes to Transform An Organization's Product Development System
Jim Morgan, Senior Advisor for Product and Process Development at LEI, shares his view of what's required for organizations to rethink and revitalize their product development systems in his most recent interview with Planet Lean. More »
Lean Product Development is About Thinking Horizontally in a Vertical World
Check out the blog from Day 2 of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange (North America) conference in Durham, North Carolina. Excerpts from Jim Womack's keynote and more. More »
Deliberate Innovation Through Lean Product & Process Development
Check out LEI's live blog from the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange (North America) Conference happening now in Durham, North Carolina. More »
How to Coach a Person Who Doesn't Want to be Coached?
How do you coach someone who doesn't need your help or who thinks they know everything? This was one of several interesting questions raised during Open Space at the Lean Coaching Summit in California this week. Check out all conversation topics here and contribute your thoughts in the comments. More »
5 Skills to Strengthen Your Coaching Practice
As we look ahead to this month's coaching summit, here are 5 actions you can take now to become a better coach, change agent, and leader. More »
The Best Lean Healthcare Stories You May Have Missed
Looking ahead to the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit June 5-6, Lex Schroeder rounds up some of the best lean healthcare pieces on the Post. More »
John Shook to Address Fellow Systems Thinkers at LEAN UX NYC
Today kicks off day 1 of the LEAN UX NYC conference. Learn more about this gathering of systems thinkers, lean practitioners, and user design professionals and follow John Shook's keynote at #LeanUX14 on Twitter. More »
How to Handle Fire Fighting, Process Averse Cultures, Naysayers, and More
Summit attendees hosted their own conversations on lean thinking and practice last week, identifying challenges and opportunities for Lean within their organizations. Check out the conversations and contribute your own thinking to these questions! More »
We Called for Your Questions on Lean, Here's What Happened
Check out the conversations that happened during the Open Space session at this year's Lean Transformation Summit. More »
Live Blogging the Lean Transformation Summit, Day 2
LEI Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld continues his live blog of the Lean Transformation Summit, happening now in Orlando! More »
Food Bank For New York City and Toyota: Unlikely Partners in Innovation
Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of Food Bank For New York City, will tell the story about Food Bank's partnership with TSSC at next week's Lean Transformation Summit in Orlando! More »
The Best Lean Post Articles 2013: Editors’ Picks
A roundup of high value-added stories you may have missed from The Lean Post in 2013, but should bookmark for a rainy (or polar vortex) day, plus some great lean reading and learning from around the web. More »
The Best of The Lean Post 2013: Top Posts
It's time to look back on the best posts of 2013 (as determined by you, Lean Post readers). Which articles did you expect to make the list? Which articles didn't make it that you hoped would? More »
Bridging Two Lean Communities
Two very different lean communities came together when Eric Ries and LEI's John Shook participated in the Lean Startup pre-conference webcast, "Putting the Lean in Lean Startup" last month. In case you missed it, watch the full archived webcast and catch the highlights here. More »
Is Lean Getting Lost in Translation?
As we struggle to learn together as a global lean community, what’s more important, lean “orthodoxy” (pure TPS) or lean integrity (true to the fundamentals, but adapted for specific purposes and situational)? More »
One Year Later, How Toyota Has Helped Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts
There are few processes that are more critical to get right than those involved in disaster relief. Check out how Jamie Bonini and Lisa Richardson from TSSC have helped to improve food distribution processes for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. More »
What do YOU want to read on The Lean Post?
Lex Schroeder, Managing Editor of The Lean Post, shares a few of her own reflections on The Lean Post since LEI launched the site in June 2013 and invites you to send along your ideas and feedback. More »