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Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan

Co-Founder, Wooden Ships

Mark Donovan founded Wooden Ships, a knitwear fashion company based in Bali, Indonesia in 1992 with his wife and business partner Paola Buendia. His lean management journey began in 2007 after reading The Toyota Way. Largely self-taught in lean principles, he continues to read, practice, share, teach, and learn every day.

Mark was trained in transcendental meditation in the early '90's and completed a 10-day Vipassana silent retreat in 2011. He maintains a daily meditation practice.  Mark uses http://markpatrickdonovan.wikispaces.com as a place to share ideas and resources that might be useful to others. He also just launched an electric bamboo bike company called EWABI that is being structured as an E-CORP (Earth Corporation).  



Articles by Mark Donovan
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