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Jack Billi

Jack Billi

Physician, Chief Engineer for the Michigan Quality System, University of Michigan Health System

Dr. Jack Billi serves as Professor of Internal Medicine and Medical Education at the University of Michigan Medical School, and as Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs of the University of Michigan. He leads the Michigan Quality System, the University of Michigan Health System's lean transformation strategy. Dr. Billi's research and management interests include the use of lean thinking to improve quality, safety and efficiency in health care, evidence-based guidelines, population health, clinical practice transformation tied to performance-based differential reimbursement, and conflict of interest management. Billi is active in organized medicine and collaborative quality improvement initiatives in Michigan, and is involved nationally and internationally in developing guidelines and educational programs for cardiac resuscitation.

Articles by Jack Billi
Engaging Physicians to Solve Real Problems in Healthcare
Trained in the scientific method, practical to the core, focused on the patient--one would think physicians would be the first adopters of lean thinking and practice, but many healthcare professionals resist learning more about what lean can do for them. Dr. Jack Billi explains why this may be and makes the case for lean in healthcare. More »