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Olga Flory

Olga Flory

Director of Education, Lean Enterprise Institute

In the last several years, Flory has focused on the development of senior leaders who strive to build the culture of problem solving and continuous improvement. Flory has worked in several companies, primarily in the field of HR, organizational development, executive coaching, and continuous improvement. As Director of Training for the Coca-Cola HBC Russia, Flory created a leadership development program which prepared high-potential employees for more challenging roles on senior management and executive teams. She was involved in the development and improvement of the strategy deployment process to ensure the alignment of people development with the strategic objectives of the company. Flory also gained operations experience when she served as Deputy General Manager of the Coca-Cola plant in Oryel, Russia, where, among other responsibilities, she oversaw several distribution centers, testing and improving the system of cross-docking product delivery, and, in cooperation with a cross-functional management team, helped stabilize distribution and sales processes. Flory is a graduate of the Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. She majored in education with a minor in linguistics.

Articles by Olga Flory
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