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Emmanuel Jallas

Emmanuel Jallas


Emmanuel Jallas holds a master degree in mechanical engineering, teaches lean thinking and practice at the university level, and is a lean coach on the shopfloor. After 10 years in various operational positions in mechanics, plastics, and factories' equipment, Jallas has evolved to consulting (7 years) and teaching (6 years).

Jallas is a founder of Institut Lean France, a Lean Institut France board member, and the translator of the LEI workbook Creating a Continuous Flow, among other books and articles. In 2012 he created a regional business club dedicated to Lean which hosts lean conferences five times per year and leads gemba walks with member companies. He loves learning about Lean and is fond of TPS.

Articles by Emmanuel Jallas
Everyday Kaizen
"With the right teaching and guidance, a good process, and a target of one kaizen activity per day, team leaders should develop [problem solving] skills fast," writes Emmanuel Jallas. Team leaders then encourage these same problem skills in operators, Jallas says, which creates a culture of steady, everyday improvement that can make a big difference for your business. More »
Grasping the Real Situation
Emmanuel Jallas visits a well-respected company that is vocal about its lean transformation. Upon further investigation he finds that like so many places, lean was "put in place" here without any consideration for or effort made toward creating a lean culture. More »
Mura, Muri, Muda in the Kitchen
Emmanuel Jallas demonstrates variation, overburden, and waste through the simple/not-so-simple challenge of breaking an egg. More »
Getting the Most Out of the 5 Whys
Are your 5 Whys leading you to dead ends? Emmanuel Jallas has some advice on how to really get to the root of the problem. More »