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Erin Urban

Erin Urban

Continuous Improvement Leader, McCoy-Rockford

Erin Urban is a Continuous Improvement Leader for McCoy-Rockford, Lean practitioner, and Six Sigma Black Belt. She is currently attempting a culture change through C.I. in a very traditional business culture. Urban has also worked in project management and architecture.

Articles by Erin Urban
Counteracting the Big Project Blues
Lean thinking is well and good, Erin Urban says, but often it takes time to see the real fruits of your labor. "Not all improvement projects are low hanging fruit or easy wins," she writes. "What do you do (and how do you keep your team motivated) when it feels like your goal is getting farther away?" More »
Are You Training People to Think or to Follow a Checklist?
"Without attention to why continuous improvement is important, the purpose behind [PDCA], when tools should be used, and when to apply ideas," Erin Urban writes, "we're training change agents to do nothing more than follow a checklist.  " Urban offers recommendations for how to improve training programs and invites your ideas, too. More »
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
"What the leader demonstrates as important is what the team will focus on," writes Erin Urban. "If we are to be the change we wish to see and model the behavior we teach, we must be cognizant that we are not sending the wrong message by our actions.  " More »
How to Create a Culture of Accountability
"Over time, accountability has developed a negative connotation," writes Erin Urban. "But the truth is: we want accountable, responsible employees that have our company’s best interests in mind and are committed to continuous improvement.  " So, how do you do it? More »
Three Steps Toward Lean Culture Change
"Culture change typically isn’t greeted with open arms unless there is a crisis to provide a sense of urgency," writes Erin Urban. "Still, I’ve noticed there are a few 'Do-Not-Pass-Go' items that must be a part of any successful lean culture change initiative.  " More »
Lean Communications: Why Old School is Cool
How often do you send an email when you could talk to somebody or pick up the phone? Read why Erin Urban thinks "old school" methods of communication matter just as much as they always have when it comes to making change. More »
What To Do When Executives Think Continuous Improvement Smells Fishy
Top executives are smart, but they don't always see the value of continuous improvement efforts. And continuous improvement professionals don't always communicate that value well to senior executives. More »