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Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher

Director, Productivity and AQS, Patersonlabs, Inc.

Daniel Fisher is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Process Improvement Engineer at Hytek Finishes Co., a subsidiary of Esterline Technologies Corporation. He is passionate about improvement and has lead numerous improvement projects working with consultants, employees, coworkers, and executives at aerospace companies around the Pacific Northwest. Just really starting out his career as a lean and six sigma practitioner, he considers himself a "child of continuous improvement," and is excited for what the future holds and the projects that await!

Articles by Daniel Fisher
The Lean Genie Problem
"For leaders and CI professionals, it’s not practical to rely on the team you’re working with to institute every change that’s needed each time you want to improve," writes Daniel Fisher. "You have to give direction, but you always want to work WITH the team so that everyone is involved in what goes into decision-making and outcomes.  " More »
Thinking Outside the Pyramid
Machiavelli said it's better to be feared than loved. Lean practitioner Daniel Fisher rejects this idea and argues it’s better to respect people and be respected. Read why. More »