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Fred Stahl

Fred Stahl


MIT Press recently published Fred Stahl’s book, Worker Leadership: America’s Secret Weapon in the Battle for Industrial Competitiveness. Fred held executive positions for over two decades with The Boeing Company in engineering, manufacturing, cost analysis, marketing, and technology development, including four years as Boeing Chief Scientist, Europe. He was executive director of MIT’s Lean Aerospace Initiative and coauthor of Lean Enterprise Value: Insights From MIT’s Lean Aerospace Initiative.

Articles by Fred Stahl
Which Will Prevail: Batch Thinking or Worker Leadership?
For most of two centuries, batch and queue production was the golden key that opened the factory doors of mass production and led many nations to untold wealth. In his first piece for the Post, Fred Stahl tells us why we must discard batch thinking and understand "worker leadership" in order to innovate for the 21st century. More »