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Susanne Pejstrup

Susanne Pejstrup

Founder and Owner, Lean Farming

Susanne Pejstrup is the founder and owner of the consultant company Lean Farming www.leanfarming.eu.  She is agronomist and has several years of experience as a consultant for farmers. She works with customers and projects in European countries, US and Asia for the moment.

She has developed Lean Production for farmers and is one of the authors of the book Lean in Dairy production in Danish.

Articles by Susanne Pejstrup
Using Lean to Take Farming to the Next Level in Denmark
"When you start to think and work systematically with Lean (rather than just off the cuff), looking for waste becomes fun," writes Susanne Pejstrup. "You see opportunities for improvement everywhere.  " (Even on the farm). More »