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Baris Lostuvali

Baris Lostuvali

Senior Project Manager, Herrero Builders

Baris Lostuvali is a senior project manager with Herrero Builders, a general contractor in San Francisco, California. Baris is a construction professional with hands-on experience on project management, construction management, and lean construction. Upon receiving his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey), Baris began his career with the renovation of Philip Morris Tobacco Factory in Krasnodar, Russia. He obtained his M.Sc. in Project Management at Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois).

Over the past 15 years, Baris has worked on a wide variety of construction projects including preconstruction, new construction, and building renovations for healthcare, commercial office buildings, and industrial facilities. Currently, he is practicing lean construction and IPD principles in CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital Project in San Francisco.

Articles by Baris Lostuvali
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"A building project, although it has many different moving parts and players, is a product. It’s a uniquely different product than a car, airplane, or toaster.  .. But it’s a product," writes Baris Lostuvali. "And it’s a product that desperately needs a better process and sociotechnical system and process for coming to be.  " More »
Laying the Foundation for Lean Construction
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