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Tim Kane

Tim Kane

Continuous Improvement Director, VEIC

Tim Kane has over 20 years of management consulting and leadership experience in multiple industries, focusing on administrative and financial process improvement and service excellence. He is an expert practitioner of several quality management disciplines with certifications in Lean (LEI value stream mapping), six sigma (UVM six sigma black belt), change management (Cornell University), corporate compliance (CCEP) and Baldrige (VCQ performance excellence examiner). Tim is a graduate of The John Marshall Law School and The College of the Holy Cross.


Articles by Tim Kane
Advice from the Gemba: Making Repetitive Tasks More Exciting
Repetitive tasks can create a drag on workers' morale and motivation as boredom sets in, and a disillusioned workforce will seriously hamper your lean efforts. So how do you keep repetitive tasks from becoming a source of discontent for your people? Three lean practitioners share their thoughts. More »
Technology-Driven Improvement Initiatives (and Other Amazing Magic Tricks)
"In my experience, projects based on the scientific method are more likely to succeed than projects focused primarily on Information Technology (IT) improvements," writes Tim Kane. Why is this so? Kane cites two real-life scenarios that led him to this conclusion. Read more. More »
Is Your Improvement Project Headed Down the Road to Nowhere?
"The scientific method applied consistently [can mean] beginning a continuous improvement journey that lasts, well.  .. forever," writes Tim Kane. Read Kane's reflections on how to make your PDCA improvement efforts count. More »
Greening Up the Gemba
Lean practitioner Tim Kane shares a story of lean-meets-green thinking and collaborative problem solving.  .. with a little help from the Muppets. More »
Focus on Process, Set Free Great Minds
"So often when we map the current state of a value stream, and its problems and pain points are revealed, something wonderful happens.  .. We laugh! Long-held, negative assumptions explode," writes lean coach and practitioner Tim Kane. Read more about how a focus on process helps people do good work together. More »