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Robert W. (Doc) Hall

Robert W. (Doc) Hall

Professor Emeritus, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Dr. Hall is Professor Emeritus, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. In the late 1970s he came across “Japanese manufacturing,” and began sounding the alarm to manufacturers. Zero Inventories (1982) was the first of many “lean” books. In 1985 he was a cofounder of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence. For 22 years he edited its publication, Target.

However “Doc” questions everything. The Soul of the Enterprise (1992) was a critique of Lean at the time. Compression (2009) proposes a major shift in business and economic practices to meet 21st century challenges – Compression Thinking, which one can think of as digging deeper than Lean. Doc is now chairman of the Compression Institute.

Articles by Robert W. (Doc) Hall
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"There are two ways to run your business," writes Doc Hall. "Focus on value, or focus on results.  .. Interestingly, when you focus on value, good results typically follow.  " Read more. More »
Lean on Steroids: Why We Should Rely On Physical Measures, Not Financial Ones
"Lean has led me to question core business models, period," writes Doc Hall. "But while Lean focuses on improving a company’s existing business model.  .. I’m interested in how a company can help communities of people, in all their messiness, live better while using much less.  " More »
Beyond Lean: Towards Compression Thinking
"Lean thinkers make things better by framing issues as Problems," writes Doc Hall. "Yet today our great challenges transcend corporate Problems. The core Problems confronting the entire global community call for thinking that goes beyond what we consider 'Lean.  '" More »