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Steve Leuschel

Steve Leuschel

Lean Coach, Indiana Regional Medical Center

Steven Leuschel has aided in the implementation of several successful lean management systems across North America in healthcare and manufacturing. His current position is an internal coach at a community hospital developing and coaching a lean management system.

Articles by Steve Leuschel
Board Responsibilities and the Lean Management System
"A board needs to go far beyond checking performance measurements and actually hold senior leaders accountable for management systems and behaviors," writes Steve Leuschel. "As there are so many cascading actions in a lean management system, [boards cannot] check the status of each and every action line by line.  .. This is why a one page report can help.  " More »
A Lean Management System Starts with Senior Leaders
"From events, projects, and A3s to focusing on a lean management system, we’re discovering a new way to run and lead our healthcare organizations, or any organization for that matter," writes lean healthcare coach Steven Leuschel. But where do you start? How do you get senior leaders engaged? More »