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Terry Barnhart

Terry Barnhart


Dr. Terence (Terry) Barnhart, author of Creating a Lean R&D System initiated and led the lean effort at Pfizer R&D. He has been a research scientist at GE, a consultant with McKinsey and Company, and a plant engineer at Uniroyal plastics. Terry has taught lean innovation for the Management Round Table, the US Navy, Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, and the US Marine Corps University. He currently leads the process and cultural transformation effort at Sandoz, Inc.

Articles by Terry Barnhart
Turn on the Spigot: Create Flow in R&D
"Flow in R&D is as critical as in manufacturing," writes Terry Barnhart. "It is a little more difficult to see, which is why your company, if you create R&D flow, will begin to put on the market more innovative products and processes than your competitors.  " More »
Framing Art and Science: What Lean Knowledge Are We Going to Create Together?
"What is the purpose of lean product development? Where are its limits? Who plays, and what is 'out of bounds?' Such an identity 'crisis' is thrilling to see. It is the hallmark of an emerging science," writes Terry Barnhart. Read Terry's thoughts on the challenge ahead for the lean community in terms of sharing lean product and process development concepts with the world. More »