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William Journigan

William Journigan

President and CEO, Journi-Tech Corporation

William G. Journigan is a Management Analyst with Marine Corps Systems Command and the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Journi-Tech Corporation.  Mr. Journigan has 16 years of experience leading process improvement efforts, is a Master Black Belt, and has headed enterprise wide deployment of Lean Sig Sigma methodologies for 40 plus companies.  Mr. Journigan has experience leading process improvement efforts in Construction Operations, Hospital Operations, Air Cargo Shipments, Science and Technology, Light duty Mechanical Operations, Finance and Accounting, Contracting, Information Technology Deployments, Marine Operations, and many more.  Mr. Journigan was also key in developing White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean Master, Executive, Facilitation, and Train-the-Trainer courses, for use throughout the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Ukpea?vik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC).  Mr. Journigan has trained over 1000 personnel from US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, UIC, Homeland Security, and various contractors.

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