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Dominic Paccapaniccia

Dominic Paccapaniccia

Chief Operating Officer, Indiana Regional Medical Center in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Dominic Paccapaniccia is Chief Operating Officer at Indiana Regional Medical Center in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He provides leadership to the following services: Cardiac Cath & Digital Angiography Lab, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiology, Central Processing, Diagnostic Imaging, EMS Training, Engineering & Maintenance, Environmental Services, Courier & Shuttle, Human Resources, Indiana Hospital Physician Services (MSO and Hospital Owned Physician Practices), Information Services, Laboratory, Laundry, Materials Management, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing, Organizational Development, Outpatient Lab & Diagnostic Centers, Print Shop, Respiratory Care, Safety and Security, Sleep Disorder Center and Surgical Services.

Dominic holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Rutgers and a M.S. in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College.

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