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Jeff Morrow

Jeff Morrow

For the past 25 years Jeff has helped North American and European firms experiment with bringing in Toyota Way pre-production development practices and thinking (with a quantitative approach to industrial anthropology being a minor specialty). Working with Helios, Montreal's first maker space, his current focus has shifted to triple bottom line lean startups. He is on the faculty of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

Articles by Jeff Morrow
Training Within Industry for the 21st Century
"How about a program that does for senior leaders today what Training Within Industry did for Japanese management in the 50s?" ask Jeff Morrow and Patrick Graupp. "In this still young new century, we must take the wisdom of the past and apply it effectively to the challenges of the new age.  " More »
Book Value: What Every Manager Should Know About Training
Jeff Morrow, lean coach and faculty at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, reviews and recommends Dr. Robert Mager's 1999 book, What Every Manager Should Know About Training. Morrow goes on to explain the difference between performance-based training methods and "content" or "awareness-based" training methods. More »
Sharks & Tortoises
"A small number of firms have grown spectacularly in revenue, employees, and stock price by using [lean] to execute crisply on tactics," writes Jeff Morrow, describing lean sharks. "And then there are tortoises: bullet-proof firms like Toyota and its supply network.  .. practitioners of 'go slow to go fast.  '" Read more about what these two types of lean companies might learn from each other. More »