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Jordan Harmon

Jordan Harmon

Director of Advocacy Initiatives, Costs of Care

Jordan Harmon is Director of Advocacy Initiatives for Costs of Care, an independent nonprofit that uses advocacy, education, and technology to help caregivers deflate medical bills. He also is Associate Director for Operational Excellence at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York City. Jordan focuses on both financial and operation improvements throughout the hospital working closely with the senior leadership team.

Articles by Jordan Harmon
Understanding the True Cost of Care
"Today, frontline clinicians are being asked to provide even more cost-efficient care to patients yet few understand how to do so," writes Jordan Harmon of the nonprofit Costs of Care. "There is a new focus on efficiency in treatment options and today‚Äôs patients are more cost savvy than their predecessors. We must ensure value while reducing costs and improving quality outcomes.  " More »