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Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams

Lean Six Sigma coach, Liberty Mutual

LIsa Adams is a Lean Six Sigma coach at Liberty Mutual Insurance. She supports the organization in their transformation through their Liberty Management Sytem. Adams has a Masters in Educational Technology and is intereted in the process of organizational change and development through the use of Lean and Six sigma principles.

Articles by Lisa Adams
No Change is Easy: The Starbucks Siren Steps into Dunkin Donuts’ World of Orange and Pink
Lean is about a willingness to experiment and if necessary, change our approach to our work and our daily routine. Lisa Adams, a lean coach at Liberty Mutual, shares a personal story about adjusting to a MAJOR change in her daily routine: her coffee. After moving to Boston from Sacramento, Adams had to to switch from Starbucks to Dunkin' Donuts. Read what happens next. More »