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Nick Masci

Nick Masci

Senior Lean Practitioner, Haley & Aldrich’s Planning, Design & Construction group

As a Senior Lean Practitioner in Haley & Aldrich’s Planning, Design & Construction group, Nick works with project teams, Construction Firms and Institutions applying Lean throughout the building life cycle. Nick got his bug for Lean as an officer on board the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea. Nick has led an HVAC service company, code-welding prefab shop, fire protection division, and been a Project Executive at a Design-Build firm. He has been practicing Lean for 9 years. Nick is the leader of the Lean Construction Institute’s New England Community of Practice. He teaches Lean at The University of Hartford's Construction Institute. Nick believes in learning by doing, noting that that first result we seek from Lean is that the work becomes easier for everybody from front line worker to customer.

Articles by Nick Masci
Lean Thinking in Construction: From “What” & “How” to “Why”?
"Construction is fraught with conditions of poor quality, cost overruns, and late projects," says Nick Masci of Lean Construction Institute. And in trying to improve, many people fall into the trap of an over-reliance on “tools of waste elimination” rather than a broader, principle-based approach. Read what Masci and his team are doing to shift the field's thinking. More »