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Gavin Martin

Gavin Martin

Vice President, Professional Scientific and Technical Services

Gavin Martin has over 25 years of experience driving excellence in large federal IT programs. He is a recognized industry expert for delivering measurable results by maximizing efficiency through the improvement of processes, organizational change initiatives, innovative IT investment strategies, and proactive portfolio management. Gavin has adapted commercial-sector best practices to the unique challenges of the federal agency setting and integrated techniques to maximize productivity and manage risk, while building a culture of transparency and collaboration with client teams.

Previously, Gavin served as Vice President of IT services provider NCI, Inc. and Technical Delivery Manager for the Appian Corporation. He started his career as a database developer and supported such clients as the Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Postal Service. Today he runs a private consulting practice, Professional Scientific and Technical Services (PSTS), out of the Washington, DC metro area. He holds a BA in Decision Sciences from Miami University.

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