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Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick

Director of Health and Safety, Haley & Aldrich

Brian Fitzpatrick, CHMM, is the Director of Health and Safety for Haley & Aldrich, an environmental and engineering firm. He is passionate about seeking innovative ways to build a strong safety culture and to integrate safety into “everything we do.” Connect with him on LinkedIn, or reach out to him at bfitzpatrick@haleyaldrich.com. 

Articles by Brian Fitzpatrick
Safety Through Gemba
"When I do a gemba walk, I don’t necessarily ask questions about safety," writes Brian Fitzpatrick (a director of Health & Safety), "I engage in conversations with staff members, and ask staff to teach me about how they do their work and what concerns them.  .. They must feel they have the power to change what is wrong, and believe that we care.  " More »