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Doug Bartholomew

Doug Bartholomew


Douglas Bartholomew is a journalist specializing in manufacturing, information technology, and finance. A former Senior Technology Editor and IT Columnist at IndustryWeek magazine and Senior Writer at InformationWeek, he has written extensively for a variety of manufacturing publications and online sites. 

Articles by Doug Bartholomew
Launching and Sustaining a Lean “Pop-Up”
"It’s not unusual for a lean leader or lean practitioner to feel alone, especially in a company or enterprise early in its lean journey," writes Doug Bartholomew. A growing trend amongst such lean leaders and practitioners is to start a lean pop-up, or a meeting of lean practitioner within a community. Bartholomew recently witnessed one of these pop-ups firsthand in Salt Lake City, Utah - here is his account. Read more and maybe get inspired to create your own pop-up! More »
How to Lead with Respect
Showing respect to employees falls far short of leading with respect. Discover the seven core practices that true lean leaders use everyday to lead with respect. More »
Hazards at the Huddle Board: Away From Fast Thinking, Toward Disciplined PDCA
As more companies use the huddle board approach for continuous improvement, people need to be aware of the pitfalls involved. “Often what’s picked up as a problem may be a nuisance or an inconvenience," says David Verble. "There is an attempt to make a general link between these problems and the priorities of the company.  " More »
Surfer Culture Meets Standardized Work
Can surfing instructors and students really learn standardized work? Read the surprising story of how lean coach Sammy Obara worked with Pacific Surfing School to improve their teaching process and better train new surfers (and what leadership had to do with it). More »
Reinforcing Lean Behavior Through Visual Management
"Without having a visual management perspective in place, it’s difficult for people to know what good is, what the standard is, and whether it is being maintained," says Mark Hamel. "People need to be able to tell if they have a problem. Visual controls are part of that.  " More »