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Lori Smith

Lori Smith

System Director for Performance Excellence, INTEGRIS

Lori is currently employed with INTEGRIS in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In her 27 years there, she has been a Sr. Human Resource Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, and is currently the System Director for Performance Excellence and has been responsible for Lean Deployment since 2007. Her 35 years of professional expertise has focused on coaching, organizational development, performance improvement, and leadership development with a M.S. degree in counseling/industrial psychology.

Articles by Lori Smith
Using Value Stream Management to Better Care for Stroke Patients
"To make value stream management really work, the most significant cause for transformation lay simply in the shifting of team members’ mindsets," writes Lori Smith. It’s been a long process, but over 5 years her team INTEGRIS has transformed the way they work. Learn what they did and read team members' feedback about the process in their own words. More »