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Cameron Ford

Business Editor & Reporter
Articles by Cameron Ford
Happy Fourth of July from All of Us at LEI!
The Lean Post is taking a break this week to celebrate the anniversary of America's independence from Great Britain. Join us next week for more insightful content on lean thinking and practice! More »
Are You Prioritizing Efficiency Over Value?
A major element of lean is efficiency, but it's certainly not the ONLY element. While it may seem logical that customers value efficiency, an overreliance on speed can cripple the experience for them. Inspired by a rather painful experience at an orthopedic clinic, Cam Ford explores this further. More »
Reflections on the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit
The main theme of the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit was "Managing to Create Problem Solvers" -- but LEI Business Editor Cam Ford spotted another, underlying theme throughout the presentations he attended. Read more to find out what it was and how can it help you create a problem solving culture in your organization. More »
All Problem Solvers Must...?
What must all problem solvers do? That's what we asked in a recent email survey for summit attendees. Here's what you all said, and don't forget to leave a comment with other thoughts! More »
2016 in Reflection: Your Favorite Lean Posts of 2016
With the end of the year fast approaching, it's time for our annual look back on 12 months of content on the Lean Post. Business Editor Cam Ford reflects on the past year with the most popular articles of 2016. More »
Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, by Matthew May
Changing your people's mindsets is possibly the most difficult part of a lean transformation - but it gets easier when you have the right tools. Lean Post Editor Cam Ford saw such a tool in Matthew May's Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, and now reflects on the invaluable lessons it holds for a lean audience. Can you also figure out the brainteaser in his article? More »
Succeeding by Failing
People often wonder what exactly constitutes "success" in a lean journey - it's a longstanding question. Cam Ford has a different thought entirely. Inspired by two recent articles and a takeaway from visiting a manufacturing plant, Cam shares his take on the true measure of lean success. More »
Why Value-Stream Mapping is So Difficult in the Public Sector
Identifying value in an organization isn't the easiest task to accomplish. If you happen to work in the public sector, that fact goes double. Public-sector consultant Gavin Martin has seen his clients struggle to identify value many times - sometimes to the point that their frustration puts their lean transformation at risk of stalling. More »
Leading Companies Gather for a Two-Day Lean Learning Exchange
The latest LPPD Learning Partners' learning event was held at GE Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Thirty-five people from five companies came together to share LPPD experiments from the previous six months. Find out about the events of the two-day meeting. More »
It's Not All About the Data on Value-Stream Maps: An Interview with Judy Worth
Data is a critical component of value-stream mapping. But it's not the only component you should be concerned about. All too often we find mappers getting caught up in their efforts to gather data, which can lead to overload and inaccurate mapping. LEI faculty member Judy Worth has seen this many times - here are her perspectives on the root causes and possible countermeasures. More »
Executive Egress: Why Many Healthcare CEOs Distance Themselves from Lean Transformations. An Interview with Jack Bowhan
A troubling issue in lean healthcare that Jack Bowhan has seen too many times is a lack of CEO engagement during transformations. In his first piece for the Lean Post, Jack talks about this problem, its potential consequences and some solutions for lean practitioners in any industry, More »
The Role of Strategic Design Events in Lean Healthcare: An Interview with Mindy Hangsleben
Faced with a new incoming healthcare policy, Mindy Hangsleben and her team at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services knew a transformation was needed. Their solution to learning what they needed to become involved a strategic design event incorporating both lean and design thinking to gain the input they needed to adapt to the new policy. Read more. More »
Live Blog - The 2016 Lean Transformation Summit, Day 2
The second and final day of this year's Summit is here! Join us on the Lean Post where we'll be live-blogging the happenings here at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas all day long! More »
Live Blog - The 2016 Lean Transformation Summit, Day 1
The big event is here! Join us on the Lean Post where we'll be live-blogging the happenings here at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas all day long! (Please note that all time stamps are in PDT) More »
TPS Fundamentals in a Knowledge Work Environment
A recent LEI cleaning project reminded Business Editor Cam Ford of something he learned in a recent workshop - that TPS principles, even those that were originally designed for assembly, can be used in knowledge work environments too. Here are some of his favorite applications. More »
Why and How to Engage Finance in a Lean Transformation. An Interview with Jean Cunningham
There's often a disconnect between an organization's lean and finance departments, especially when a lean transformation is underway. In her newest piece for the Lean Post, Jean Cunningham explains the root causes, potential dangers, and solutions to this all-too-common problem. More »
The Lean Management System: The Key to Sustainability and CI. An Interview with Joe Murli
Achieving wins is only half the battle in a lean transformation - you also need a way to sustain those wins and foster a culture of continuous improvement. In his first piece for the Lean Post, Joe Murli shares his favorite way of doing just that - his signature "Lean Management System," already being used by the likes of GE and Moog Aircraft Group. Read more. More »
The Problem of Partial Participation: Why Failing to Fully Commit to Lean Is Not An Option. An Interview with Chris Vogel
It's surprising how many lean implementations fail due to an organization's employees not fully embracing the idea. There are many root causes of this common problem, but Chris Vogel points the finger at flawed leadership. Read more on the problems with partial participation in lean and how a simple change in leadership style can resolve it. More »
Using A3 Thinking to Solve Recruiting Problems: An interview with Gavin Martin
It's a shame that A3s are often thought of as being meant to solve manufacturing problems. The reality is they can be used to explore and resolve challenges in any industry or field, including recruiting, as Gavin Martin has seen. Here's his story of using A3 thinking to solve a costly recruitment problem at his organization. More »
Ford’s Focus: Lean Lessons from the Recession's Greatest Success Story
After listening to Jim Morgan talk about Ford Motor Company's lean turnaround strategy during the Great Recession, Cam Ford (no relation) muses on how it could hold an important lesson for companies today, regardless of size or industry. More »
Leading with Respect is Not a Soft Skill: An interview with Mike Orzen
By definition, a hard skill is a skill that can be defined, measured, and taught. Does that sound like it describes leadership? Probably not, but Mike Orzen explains why it's time to stop thinking of leadership, specifically leadership employing the lead with respect model, as a soft skill. More »
My Lean Journey: The 5Ss
Do you remember the first time you realized the true potential of lean in improving work output? Lean newcomer Cam Ford does - here's his story of the very first lean concept he ever used and how it helped him almost from Day 1. More »