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David Drickhamer

David Drickhamer

Operations writer, researcher, editor, Drickhamer Enterprises

David Drickhamer (drickhamer.com) is a leadership and management writer, editor, researcher and journalist with over 20 years of experience.

Articles by David Drickhamer
Personal Kanban: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See
Think personal kanban can't be applied to knowledge work? Think again. Drawing on examples from Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Berry's book "Personal Kanban: Mapping Work, Navigating Life," David Drickhamer explains how anyone can benefit from personal kanban, regardless of the nature of their work. More »
Leadership Q&A: Lisa Yerian, MD, Medical Director of Continuous Improvement, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
From the LEI senior executive series on lean leadership: Lisa Yerian, MD, director of Hepatobiliary Pathology and medical director of continuous improvement, Division of Clinical Transformation, Cleveland Clinic, discusses how to engaging staff, doctors and senior leaders, healthcare reform’s impact, where to start a lean transformation, and why she took on responsibility for continuous improvement. More »
Jay Johnson, president, Plumbers Supply Company
As part of a continuing series on leading lean transformations, the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) interviews executives from a variety of companies to explore the challenges that lean transformations present to senior managers.  What follows are perspectives from Jay Johnson, president of family-owned Plumbers Supply Company in Louisville, KY, where lean thinking helps it serve customers with 45,000 different items and live up to the company, “Everything Under the Sun.  ” Follow-up: Read the lean transformationcase study on Plumbers Supply .    More »