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Kim Barnas

Kim Barnas

Kim Barnas is the chief executive officer of Catalysis, in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Before her role at Catalysis, Kim served as a senior vice president for ThedaCare, and president of Appleton Medical Center and Theda Clark Medical Center, where she learned about operational excellence and implemented this work in hospital operations.

As the journey continued, a new challenge emerged—the need for a systematic method to sustain improvement, clarify daily continuous improvement opportunities, and deliver on strategic deployment. To meet this need, Kim and her team led the development of a management system. This lean management system is designed to deliver improved performance through a predictable process that develops leaders, identifies defects, solves problems, and develops people. In 2014 Kim authored a book titled Beyond Heroes: A Lean Management System for Healthcare based on this journey. Her latest book, co-authored with John Toussaint, M.D., is Becoming the Change.

Kim is actively teaching, mentoring, and supporting healthcare executive teams around the world. Her current focus is a principle-based approach to executive management. This system builds a new set of competencies in senior leadership teams who are looking to improve organizational performance. Kim has a master’s in healthcare administration.


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