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Steve Gorcester

Steve Gorcester

Executive Director, Transportation Improvement Board

Steve Gorcester has served as the Director of the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board for the past 15 years. His programs invested more than $1.5 billion in street and sidewalk repairs across Washington. After years of risky over-programming, Steve established long-term financial security and introduced strong incentives for sustainable design. TIB has applied Lean process improvement to its grant programs since 2008 and Steve teaches a popular course on Lean government.

Articles by Steve Gorcester
Making Things Better - Lean Streets: Improving Road Maintenance in Washington State
Ever feel like your home city or town needs to step up its game in maintaining road conditions? People in Washington State certainly have - and for them, lean turned out to be the way to efficient and effective road maintenance. Steve Gorcester played a major role in this lean transformation - here's his story. More »