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Cliff Ransom

Cliff Ransom

President, Ransom Research, Inc.

Cliff Ransom is the President of Ransom Research, Inc., an independent equity investment research firm that acts as an outsourced resource for major investment management organizations.  The central focus of his firm is on lean thinking industrial companies, including manufacturing, machinery, aerospace and defense, construction equipment, and water-related securities, among other sectors. The hallmark of the work of the firm is his focus on “going to the gemba.”where he meets corporate managers and insists upon plant tours.  He also attends trade shows and canvasses suppliers, customers, and competitors of his target companies. In the last 20 years, he has become increasingly interested in the migration of “lean” off the traditional factory floor, into back office, service, financial, sales and marketing, and new product development realms.  Cliff believes that these “transactional” realms offer even greater opportunities for beneficial process change than lean’s historical focus on manufacturing.

A few of Cliff’s many accomplishments in the lean community:

  • The first financial services executive made a Life Member of the Shingo Prize Academy; also served as Chairman of the Board of the Shingo Institute.
  • The only investment professional made a "Champion" of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME).
  • In 2019, elected to the Hall Of Fame of the AME.
  • Frequent keynote speaker to a wide scope of lean audiences, including the Lean Enterprise Institute, Shingo Prize, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Lean Accounting Summit, Crane Co., Parker Hannifin, Regal-Beloit, Terex, and Wabtec, among others.

Cliff has 48 years of experience on Wall Street, on both the “sell side” and the “buy side”.  He is an ex-Navy officer and holds degrees from Princeton University, The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and the Executive MBA Program of Loyola College.

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