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Carlos Moretti

Carlos Moretti

Consultant, Treinari

Carlos Eduardo Moretti has a degree in Engineering (Escola Politécnica – University of São Paulo) and over 15 year experience working in shop floor of painting and stamping facilities in auto parts industry. Moretti learned the Toyota Production System from Toyota’s senseis (from Brazil, the USA, Venezuela and Japan) and has supported companies from many different industries – auto parts, medical devices, healthcare products, eye care products, industrial laundry, human & pet food, warehousing, insurance and farming; within areas such as manufacturing, logistics, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering and research & development – in different countries, including Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Italy, Poland and Venezuela, in his journey to achieve excellence in Lean Thinking.

Speaker at:

  • XI National Lean Forum – (Manaus - Brazil - mar/15)
  • X National Lean Forum - (Campinas - Brazil - nov/14)
  • 1st Portugal Lean Summit – (Lisbon - Portugal may/13)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa (Lisbon - Portugal mar/13)
  • LeanSigma Conference (São Paulo-Brazil-Mai/11),
  • Lean Thinking & Six Sigma Seminar (São Paulo – Brazil-April/11) 

Moretti speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Articles by Carlos Moretti
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