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Andy Houk

Andy Houk

Vice President Product Development, TechnipFMC Schilling Robotics

Andi Houk will join Tyler Schilling to share how LPPD principles and practices enhanced Schilling Robotics’ culture of creativity and collaboration, enabling the development of their most complex and innovative product ever and now is helping to bring the entire enterprise together.

  • Has been developing new products for TechnipFMC for 13 years.
Articles by Andy Houk
Getting Started with Lean Product and Process Development
Learning and applying the concepts of LPPD is no different than learning any other new skill in life, says Andy Houk. In this article he shares his personal learning cycle of three steps (repeated many times, over many years): self-study, getting a coach, and practicing. More »
How Obeya Improved Our Product Development Efforts
As a followup to John Drogosz's piece on the stages of obeya from last week, Andy Houk, a client of John's at TechnipFMC, discusses how an obeya room that John helped them set up affects their work today. More »