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Brad Brown

Brad Brown

Captain of the Planning Division and Lean Champion, City of Grand Rapids, MI, Fire Department

Brad Brown is a career firefighter with over two decades of experience, currently serving as the captain of the Planning Division and lean champion for the City of Grand Rapids, MI, Fire Department where he has embraced the use of data- driven decision making.

Having a lifelong passion for learning, Brown has recently completed a four-year executive fire officer program at the national fire academy and  embarked on his doctor of education degree in organizational leadership and development from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids.

He has presented numerous times over the past several years for the Michigan Lean Consortium, The American Society for Quality, and the Center for Public Safety Excellence. When not learning or working, Brad spends time on the family farm with his wife, two young children, and way too many animals.

Articles by Brad Brown
The (Real) Lean Firefighter: Bringing Lean to the Grand Rapids Fire Department
Brad Brown had no lean experience when he joined the Grand Rapids Fire Department (GRFD) in 2003. But as the Great Recession went into full swing and budgets were slashed, he discovered lean – and realized it was just what the GRFD needed to weather the recession. This is his story. More »