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Sandee Cherry

Sandee Cherry

Continuous Improvement Leader, Herman Miller Inc.

Sandee learned the Toyota Production System lean principles through development at Herman Miller.  She was introduced to the philosophies and tools of Lean Manufacturing where she practiced implementing changes in the manufacturing environment.  For the past 10 years, she has worked side by side with team members teaching and developing their thinking and skills in lean manufacturing.

Sandee continues to instruct and support team members in building the management system within Herman Miller.  She is in the process of supplementing her hands-on experience by perusing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management.

Workshops Taught by Sandee Cherry
Foundational Learning Experience for Standardized Work (at the 2018 Transformation Summit) Through a fun, interactive simulation, participants will practice the foundational steps of work improvement that begin with the customer in mind. They will experience how standardized work can improve the work condition for the team member by providing leadership with the ability to make decisions, identify gaps and take a systematic approach to solving problems.  Upon completion of this learning experience, participants will be able to:Observe the current condition through standardized workDocument the current condition of the workAnalyze the current conditionImprove the condition by recognizing and eliminating waste More »