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Tyler Schilling

Tyler Schilling

President, TechnipFMC Schilling Robotics

Tyler Schilling is the founder of Schilling Robotics, a company that grew from a start up to dominate its market with more than 90% or the actuator arm market and over 40% of the RoV market.  Tyler and his Vice President of Engineering,

Andi Houk share how LPPD principles and practices enhanced their culture of creativity and collaboration, enabled the development of their most complex and innovative product ever and now is helping to bring the entire enterprise together.

  • In 1985 he co-founded Schilling Robotics with Wes Gerriets with the vision of providing productive tools for remotely working in the deep ocean.
  • Schilling is an innovator, advocate, and sought-after speaker for the expansion of remote technology on the sea floor. 
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