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Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis


Crystal’s personality and work practices are the foundation of her success as speaker, coach and consultant.

Crystal has worked over 20 years in various leadership positions as a change agent. She’s had the privilege to work with leading experts in various countries such as Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Sweden. These experiences have enabled Crystal to become very knowledgeable about Business Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and Leadership Development. And to develop a deep understanding of how to thrive in diverse work environments.

Crystal’s career spans over a number of business functions, industries and disciplines including automotive, consumer-packaged goods, healthcare, engineering, strategy deployment, training, facilitation, coaching and speaking.

Crystal earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University and a MBA from Samford University. In addition, Crystal is a certified Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach.

Articles by Crystal Davis
Improving Engagement One Kaizen at a Time
Engaging the employees at all levels with a clear and realistic understanding of how they inspire, drive and support getting people involved in meaningful work is the best way to show respect, argues lean coach Crystal Davis. More »
Workshops Taught by Crystal Davis
LEAD Lean: Improving the Lean Leader's Ability to Self-Reflect to Improve Engagement (at the 2019 Lean Summit) There is much talk about ‘why lean fails?’ In most of these debates, lack of leadership is often to blame. As with any root cause analysis process, this workshop will challenge the general perception around lack of leadership engagement, as well as who you may consider to be a leader. If we were to stop for a moment to really reflect, what organization or leader would intentionally set out to fail, right?We will delve deep into the actions required to LEAD Lean, and the importance and benefits of self-reflection to drive greater engagement. You will learn how connecting the CI More »