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Daryl Powell

Daryl Powell

Lean Programme Manager, Kongsberg Maritime

Daryl Powell is Lean Programme Manager at the Subsea Division of Kongsberg Maritime AS in Norway. He is also an adjunct professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Articles by Daryl Powell
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Every experience is a learning experience. However, we tend to only experience single-loop learning where we reaffirm what we already think is true. Lean gives us a framework to challenge our beliefs and assumptions and create double-loop learning situations through concrete experiments, and often real-time feedback from the real world. More »
Double Loop Learning at Kongsberg Maritime
Kongsberg Maritime, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian-based Kongsberg Group, tapped into a Kyoryokukai, or network for supplier innovation, to create a space for single--and double--loop learning for its members. More »