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Tyson Ortiz

Tyson Ortiz

Teacher, Self

Tyson Ortiz is a lean practitioner and teacher, and has worked in a variety of settings to strengthen organizations by developing robust processes with engaged, capable employees.  A parent to a highly medically complex child, Tyson also has several years of healthcare experience as a service user collaborating with clinicians to coproduce care for exceptional outcomes.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, and lives near Boston with his wife and three boys.

Articles by Tyson Ortiz
People Are Not Cars
Tyson Ortiz's challenge in helping his son through a heart transplant clarified to him what a healthcare provider said: "People are not cars.  " And yet he learned that the key to better outcomes, in both business and health, can be found in growing the ability to think and act with a PDSA mindset. More »