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Jacques Chaize

Jacques Chaize

Author and Speaker

Jacques Chaize has been a pioneer in developing lean and learning organizations in the industrial sector. He has detailed his experience in three books. Active in business associations, he has led the French young entrepreneurs’ association (CJD) and APM, the leading french speaking learning network for business leaders. He is also co-founder of SOL France (Society for Organizational Learning). Jacques is member  and Chairman of several  Boards in Europe and North America.

Articles by Jacques Chaize
The Sanity of Just-in-Time
Path dependence is the worst enemy of smart resolution, argue the authors, who suggest greater "frame control" with enabling tools such as just-in-time to respect people on the frontline and respect the facts they share about what is happening to them. "Mastering the path as opposed to being led by it, means looking up frequently to reevaluate both destination and way as new information comes to light.  " More »
Kanban As A Learning Strategy
Toyota’s Kanban legacy—and its underlying ideas—have far more direct lineage with today’s digital economy than most folks realize; and capture the core elements of the disruptive lean strategy fueling many of today’s successes. More »