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Lisa Yerian

Lisa Yerian

Medical Director of Continuous Improvement

Lisa Yerian, MD is Medical Director of Continuous Improvement and a Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic. In 2010 Dr. Yerian accepted the newly-created role of Medical Director of Continuous Improvement and now leads a team of continuous improvement professionals engaged in building a culture of continuous improvement across the Cleveland Clinic Health System. Under her leadership the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model (CCIM, www.clevelandclinic.org/improve), was developed, tested and refined as a roadmap for the entire organization to pursue a culture of continuous improvement.


Articles by Lisa Yerian
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Helping others with shared work tied to broad improvement goals can be challenging for lean leaders. Continuous Improvement Director Lisa Yerian of the Cleveland Clinic shares key ways that have been found to help: make clear and specific asks, establish exactly how to engage towards that end, and; experience, understand, and critically evaluate the situation before stepping in with support. More »