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Claude Stoller

Claude Stoller

Professor, Berkeley
Claude Stoller is a retired architect and emeritus professor of architecture at University of California Berkeley. His design work includes projects ranging from single homes to multiple dwellings and commercial and institutional structures. A strong advocate for social housing, he worked with the University to found the San Francisco Community Design Center, which provides free architectural services for low-income communities. 
As a teacher and mentor, Stoller encouraged his students to “go to the gemba”, and his classes sometimes included visits to construction sites and building material factories. He recently discovered lean, and has become a huge fan.
Articles by Claude Stoller
Getting Home: Jacob and Claude Stoller Appreciate the Lean Lessons of this New Book
"Getting Home is a terrific book that puts lean to work on a problem that’s really significant. Let’s hope it’s an inspiration for architects and non-architects who want to make a difference," says Jacob Stoller, in a conversation with his father Claude, an architect and teacher with a passion for applying lean to this work. More »