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Nathan Hurle

Nathan Hurle

Senior Director, Cleveland Clinic

Nate Hurle is the Senior Director of Enterprise Continuous Improvement at Cleveland Clinic.

Nate has spent the last 12 years at the Cleveland Clinic leading a team that has progressed from individual accolades to system-wide enthusiasm for continuous improvement. 

Nate has over 20 years of process improvement experience.  He began his career at Eastman Kodak and lead improvement efforts across the organization including film sensitizing, film finishing, photochemicals, and at customer sites including diagnostic imaging departments.  His work took him around the world including an assignment at a plant in Xiamen, China.  During his time with Kodak he learned lean concepts and tools from Shingijitsu Consulting Group, who are masters in lean thinking.

While at the Cleveland Clinic the Continuous Improvement Team has had their progress chronicled by Jim Womack at the Lean Enterprise Institute, Mark Graban, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, and Catalysis among others.

Nate has a BS in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

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