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Jim Luckman

Jim Luckman

Partner, Lean Transformations Group, LLC
Jim Luckman has had the unique experience of leading three separate lean transformations, as a Plant Manager, as a Director of a Research and Development Center, and as a CEO of a small start-up company. Jim is the Past President and CEO of iPower Technologies, a company serving the distributed generation market of electrical power. Luckman has worked in the auto industry for 34 years working at Delphi Automotive (formerly part of General Motors). Jim current efforts include leadership coaching, application of lean in R&D and application of lean to software development. He currently coaches companies interested in company-wide lean transformation. Jim is a partner in Lean Transformations Group, LLC
Articles by Jim Luckman
Advice from the Gemba: Top Mistakes Lean Leaders Make I
Making mistakes is a natural part of lean thinking and practice. Here, three LEI faculty members share some common, yet easily avoidable mistakes made by lean leaders, as well as the countermeasures that can help resolve them. More »
Start Up By Diving Deep
"The important thing is answering some fairly core questions about your business before spending time and money developing solutions," write Jim Luckman and Durward Sobek. "It’s a totally different way of working, which is why it’s so rare.  " More »
Doing Lean Versus Becoming Lean
"We know from experience that Lean is fundamentally driven by a change in company culture," writes Jim Luckman, "not a methodological 'application' of the Lean tools.  " Use this piece to find out if you're "doing" Lean or truly becoming lean. More »
The Leader's Dilemma: Becoming a Learner
We build leaders up to be all-knowing, but leaders who act as 'knowers' (as opposed to learners) actually limit their ability to accomplish what is important for their organization, says Jim Luckman. Read why. More »
How a Problem-Solving Culture Takes Root
Changing one's own leadership behaviors is no easy task, but it can be done. Leaders can shift away from giving top-down commands and solutions to a more engaging and collaborative way of addressing problems that both gets results and develops people. More »
Lead Lean by Being Lean
Lean just doesn't work if leaders don't actively, consistently demonstrate lean thinking themselves. In his first piece for the Post, lean coach Jim Luckman explains what "being lean" really means and looks like in practice. More »
Workshops Taught by Jim Luckman
Advanced Techniques for Humble Inquiry Questioning Specifically, Step 3, Skills to Coach for Development: Advanced Techniques for Humble Inquiry Coaching will focus on two critical skills to help you ask the right question at the right time. First, you will discover techniques for increasing your awareness of the coachee and yourself as two people engaged in a purposeful discussion. Second, you will learn ways to pick up on where the coachee is in his or her problem-solving thinking and ask questions to help them look more deeply or move ahead as needed. Together these skills will greatly improve your effectiveness in helping others to develop their More »
Lean Leadership: Through the Transformation and Beyond The purpose of this interactive one-day program is to facilitate a discussion with senior leaders about the challenges and obstacles they face implementing change relative to the lean transformation. The program will further address the roles, responsibilities and competencies of senior leaders that support the implementation of lean. More »
Lean Product Development: Delivering New Products, Faster and Better Many companies have applied lean thinking to manufacturing or service processes, and some have even honed focus by applying the standard tools and methods to additional organizational functions. But true lean leaders realize that their enterprise cannot thrive in the current environment of rapid change and unpredictable economics by focusing only on efficiency More »
Transformational Leadership: An Experiential Program for Lean Leaders This 2.  5-day executive program uses experiential methodology to uncover the thinking that drives leaders’ behaviors. The program engages you in a realistic business simulation followed by a series of debriefs for reflection on your current leadership style and in order to help you develop a plan for moving toward a more effective lean leadership model. More »
Value-Stream Mapping: a Methodology for Sustainable System Improvement This interactive workshop takes you through EVERY step of the value-stream improvement process: preparation before mapping, current-state mapping, problem solving to design the future state, managing implementation of a lean transformation to plan, and continuing to support the value stream after implementation. More »