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Chelsea Fitzgibbon

Chelsea Fitzgibbon

Program Manager, Seattle Children's Hospital

Chelsea Fitzgibbon has been at Seattle Children’s Hospital for three years. She is a Program Manager on the Continuous Improvement and Innovation Team, where she manages the System for Daily Improvement, a visual management system deployed across the organization to help all team members stabilize, measure, and improve their work. This role involves creating a strategic plan, developing resources and education for the organization, training leaders on goal deployment, and conducting organization-wide assessments.

Prior to Seattle Children’s, Chelsea worked in the event industry, directing a running series and music festivals, which was a crash course in rapid process improvement and problem solving.

Chelsea lives in Seattle and enjoys hiking, camping, and drinking coffee with her fiancé and her dog, Nova.

Workshops Taught by Chelsea Fitzgibbon
Demystify & Simplify: The Connection between Management Systems, A3 Thinking, and Change Management (at the 2020 Lean Summit) Do you feel like your organization has all the right tools but struggles to connect them in an effective way? Does your organization make improvement work too complex for your teams to understand and implement? In this workshop, we will teach you to demystify the connection between the management system and A3 thinking using a change management framework.  As a participant, you will: Revisit the intention behind management systems and discover a simplified way to teach and talk about the components.  Participate in a hands-on exercise and walk away with a simple tool to engage team members in problem solving.  Gain More »