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Bryant Sanders

Bryant Sanders

Lean Coach, .

Bryant Sanders is a recent retiree from Toyota Motor North America; An executive having experience in accessory development, supplier development, quality, logistics, production operations and TPS deployment for 25 years. In the groups like TSSC and OMDD is where he learned the importance of focusing on people as the center of the philosophy, technical and managerial aspects of TPS.

As a manufacturing leader he has led in creating and managing resource strategies to launch new operations/products while achieving operational excellence. Currently, he works as a Lean Practitioner and Coach. He is both influential and transformative in the education and application of TPS principles in an array of industries including, but not limited to Manufacturing, Healthcare and Construction; Achieved meaningful results to ensure customer satisfaction, cost reductions and human capability development.

In addition to his as Senior Faculty support for LEI, he is an Adjunct Instructor of Supply Chain Management and Six Sigma Quality Control at Cincinnati State Technical College.

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