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Regis Medina

Regis Medina


Régis Medina was one of the early pioneers of Agile software development methodologies in the late 90s. In 2009, he embarked on a journey to explore the practices of Toyota, eventually making several trips to Japan, while working with dozens of teams in a variety of IT activities. He now works with prominent entrepreneurs of the French Tech community to build fast and resilient scale-ups. He is the author of Learning to Scale: The Secret to Growing a Fast and Resilient Company.

Articles by Regis Medina
The Deeper Purpose of Problem-Solving
Ultimately, the goal of problem-solving is not just to fix tools and processes, argues Regis Medina. He says that problem-solving in a lean setting is in fact a unique opportunity to think about our thinking, and develop expertise where it counts. More »
Keeping the "Day One" Spirit Alive
Building in a cadence of gemba walks helps nurture the vital "day one" startup spirit as a company grows, says Regis Medina. He offers key tips on how to cultivate this approach. More »
How to Fail At Lean in Four Easy Steps
Nobody wants to fail at lean, to be sure. Author Regis Medina calls our four surefire ways to achieve this goal, and suggests a more productive way of thinking moving forward. More »