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Christopher D. Chapman

Christopher D. Chapman

President, Chapman Lean Enterprise

Senior Lean Transformation Coach, Chapman Lean Enterprise

Articles by Christopher D. Chapman
How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Teaching Embodies Lean Thinking
What can we learn about lean thinking from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  ? Christopher D. Chapman explains. More »
Make Using Lean Thinking to Help Solve Societal Problems Your New Year’s Resolution
The nation needs lean thinkers and practitioners to apply their problem-solving prowess to address issues of national concern. More »
Applying Lean Thinking and Practice to Systemic Racism, Part 2 of 2
To create anti-racist organizations to fit, value, and respect all people, leaders should step forward with a sound vision framed by the five principles of lean. Here's how. Part 2 of 2. More »
Using the Logic of Lean Thinking to Combat Racism, Part 1 of 2
To create new anti-racist organizations, leaders need to fully embrace the five principles of lean: value vs. waste, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection. But first, we must reflect on history to help us grasp the current situation. Part one of two. More »
Our Burning Platform and Using the 5 Whys to Think More Deeply about Corrective Action
A call to action: As lean thinkers, we should join with our diversity, equity, and inclusion experts to help transform our business cultures. We must muster up the courage on our burning platform to face the centuries-old problem of systematic racism in our law enforcement, government, healthcare, education, housing, and employment. More »
Lean in Lean Thinkers to Root Out Racial Inequity
A lean leader calls on other lean thinkers to leverage humble inquiry and other problem-solving tools to eradicate the waste of racism. More »