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Nick Katko

Nick Katko

President, Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc.

Lean Accounting Coach

Articles by Nick Katko
How Intertape Polymer Group Used Pilots and Parallel Systems to Learn and Implement Lean Accounting
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Getting Started with Lean Accounting
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Understanding Customer Value: How Accounting Applies this Foundational Lean Concept to its Work
Putting the entire customer experience first in thinking, not just the transaction, is the Lean Accountant's goal, asserts Nick Katko and Mike De Luca, More »
Implementing Lean Accounting in a Publicly Traded Company
Learn how this multi-plant, multinational publicly traded company in the packaging industry embarked on its lean accounting transformation journey. Then, watch for more articles in this occasional ongoing series, which demonstrates how lean accounting can be rolled out in a larger, more complex organization. More »
Debunking the 'Time Drives Costs' Myth with Lean Financial Thinking
Learn why you must stop allocating costs based on time--and how lean financial thinking and practice gives you a more accurate way to understand and track this important metric. More »