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Joshua Rapoza

Joshua Rapoza

Customer Strategy Officer, Lean Enterprise Institute

Joshua joined The Lean Enterprise Institute in 2005, eventually serving as the Director of Web Strategy and Operations. In his time at LEI he's been responsible for lean.org, LEI webinars, and is creator of The Lean Post. Today he works as LEI's Customer Strategy Officer, helping to align LEI value streams and better deliver LEI products and services to the LEI community.

Previous to joining LEI, Joshua worked/consulted in e-commerce development, design, and marketing for organizations such as the American Mathematical Society, Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, PetEdge, WearGuard, and others. Joshua has studied web design at the Rhode Island School of Design, marketing and public relations at Johnson Wales University, and acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Articles by Joshua Rapoza
What Problems Do You See?
Take a minute or two think about the problems you see everyday at your work. It can be quite daunting when you think about everything that needs attention. But knowing what type of problem you are dealing with makes countermeasures much easier to figure out. What problems do you see most? More »
Getting Started with Lean
I managed to get Jim Womack in our recording studio (well, its a room that has recording equipement, so I guess that makes it a recording studio), and I asked him that question "Where do I start?" I liked it so much we animated it! More »
Question! Adapt? Question!
LEI's Customer Strategy Officer talks about his mistake of not asking enough questions and what he learned about passion overtaking reasonable thinking when it comes to the lean summit. More »
The Terrible Quest for Best
It seems like everyone strives to be the best at what they do. But, Josh Rapoza wonders, why would you even want to be best? Isn't it better to always be improving, rather than settling for what we perceive as "best?" Read more. More »
Step 1: Open Mouth, Step 2: Insert Foot
Joshua Rapoza, Customer Strategy Officer at LEI, reflects on whether working longer hours necessarily means more productivity and the power of our words in motivating (or de-motivating) our team members. More »
LEI Quits the Lean Business, Says “Lean is Too Hard"
"It was a very organic change,” a rep from LEI said. "We think our community members will be excited about it.  " More »
Defining LEI’s Customer: Understanding Your Real Problems & Needs
"Our customer is part of everything we do, but defining them and their needs… well, it’s like describing the air you breathe," writes Josh Rapoza. "It requires stepping back from the day-to-day work and slowing down to [ask] who exactly our customer is now, if and how they’ve changed.  ..  " Read more. More »
'Twas the Night Before Kaizen
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at the Lean Enterprise Institute! More »
Inside the Lean Transformation Summit Obeya
Josh Rapoza, Customer Strategy Officer at LEI, breaks down the 2015 Lean Transformation Summit process and shares his story of building the Summit obeya room. More »
Success is Sweet When Value is Your Core
Josh Rapoza gives us a "listen to your customer" story about a popular candy going all the way back to the 1930s. More »
No Such Thing As a Funny Lean Joke?
Does a good lean joke exist? LEI staffer Josh Rapoza really wants to believe it's possible for Lean and humor to come together. More »
Learn from the Error, Every Time
It's an awful feeling when you think everything is going just fine and then discover you've made an error. But errors are inevitable. It's what you do next that counts. More »
A Lean Transformation Model Everyone Can Use
John Shook explains LEI's Lean Transformation Model, offering 5 questions you'll want to think about and share with your team to guide your own lean transformation. More »
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